Masbia operates three facilities. One in Flatbush, Forest Hills, and Boro Park. Masbia serves dinner at each location, Monday through Thursday, excluding certain Jewish holidays. Masbia also operates a food pantry with client choice, allowing the clients to choose items from our inventory. All food served and distributed is certified kosher. More information on Kashrut and other issues relating to eating at our facility can be found in our FAQ.


A few important guidelines to enhance your dining experience at Masbia…

  • Everybody in need is welcome. No qualifications are required and no questions are asked. 

  • Please sign your name at the entrance. Our site manager will then usher you to your table with an assigned number. This allows our waiters to serve you more efficiently and helps us keep accurate daily records to meet demand.

  • Each person in need of a meal needs to sign in separately. If you are a mother/father with children or any other group, please sign in to everyone in your party. We need a signature for every meal served.

  • High chairs and booster seats are available upon request.

  • Please do not serve yourself a hot meal. Once you are signed in, we have waiters who will check the list and serve you at your table. Only bread, condiments, coffee, and tea are self-serve at a separate counter.

  • Do not clean up after yourselves. Our waiters will pick up after you and clear your table. This is to ensure that everything is cleaned and put away properly.

  • Please keep your stay at Masbia down to 20 – 25 minutes. Our seating is limited, so we need to maintain a quick turnover in order to accommodate others waiting to be served a meal.

  • Please respect the space and privacy of others. Do not use headphones, talk on your cell phone, or take up unnecessary space with newspapers, etc. Remember-- Masbia is a place to eat and we want everyone to be able to enjoy their meal here.

  • Please try to dress appropriately. This means no tanks or shirts with offensive print, and no short shorts or short skirts.

  • We CANNOT serve second helpings NOR can we let you take out a meal. All meals must be served on the premises. To be fair to all, there are NO exceptions because we need to ensure that we can provide for anyone who comes through our doors.

  • Our last meal serving is at 6:30 pm. Please arrive ahead of this time to be served a meal.