Home Provisions Display Shelving – “Shever Raavon Bateichem” $3,600 (x11)

In addition to the hot meals, Masbia also offers raw take home grocery foods for those who find it more dignified to cook for their family at home and to provide for those times when our kitchens are closed. Allocations are based on family size, with clients choosing foods to take home from our 10 custom made wooden display cases designed to ensure the integrity of our dining room.  Each dedication will sponsor one shelving case which can be inscribed with donors’  names. We call this “Shever Raavon Bateichem,” based on the biblical story of Joseph the Righteous who told his brothers to take food home during the great famine in Genesis (42:19).

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Note: We will check with you to confirm the engraved text for your physical dedication plaque.

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