Seated at Your Table – “Taaroch Lifanei Shulchan” – $18,000 (x10)

The new facility will have ten tables. Contributors will get the privilege of literally hosting guests at their own table, an act of charity known to provide unparalleled merit. The Talmud in Brachos (54­-55) explains that the act of hosting guests is rewarded with longevity because it is the equivalent of bringing a sacrifice to the altar in the times of the holy temple. The Talmud specifies that it is a "person’s table that brings them atonement,” establishing the table itself as an actual vessel of forgiveness, imbuing this sponsorship with special meaning as multiple guests enjoy meals throughout the day. A ceremonial contract will be provided to each table sponsor, formalizing the table as theirs for the duration of this facility. This great opportunity is called “Taaroch Lefanai Shulchan” based on the popular phrase in 23rd Psalm.

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Note: We will check with you to confirm the engraved text for your physical dedication plaque.

Contributions are tax deductible.